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Rising costs and expanded services have increased our need for your support

Why We Need Your Help

Each town we serve provides financial support for both our annual and ambulance funding, through fair share amounts determined and overseen by the five town EMS Board. While this municipal support is a very important factor for keeping the Squad financially viable, it is not enough to allow the Squad to break even. To reach break-even, our volunteer Board of Trustees is tasked with the yearly need to raise roughly $200,000 through the Annual Fund Drive and Subscriptions.

NRS works hard each year to control costs and to operate as efficiently as possible, but still the cost of operations increase each year. Wages need to keep pace with inflation. The cost of medical equipment and supplies rises each year. Reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance have not kept pace with rising cost. We need to periodically invest in new equipment to provide our communities with the high quality of life-saving service.

Despite rising costs, we have continued to feel it is important to improve the level of service we provide to meet the real needs of the community. For instance, in 2012, after experiencing significant increases in 911 calls, our Board of Trustees voted to expand our service - by adding a 2nd rescue crew during peak call times. We have also experienced a decrease in volunteer help - due to the high level of training and certification required to be a Paramedic or EMT - causing our volunteer staff to shrink.

As always, we continue to provide emergency medical services to everyone in our service area, whether they have the ability to pay or not. This is why we look to you, the members of our communities, to provide the additional financial support we need to keep providing you with quality emergency medical services.

Ways You Can Help

1.  Join our Subscription Program
2.  Make a donation to our Annual Fund - no matter how large or small
3.  Ask your employer to match employee contributions
4.  Volunteer - the Rescue Squad and Board of Trustees are always looking for help

Northshire Rescue Squad...

... is not a municipal dept.

... serves the Northshire.

... is staffed by professionals.

... needs your support.