Staff Members

We are staffed by full-time, per-diem and volunteer paramedics, EMT's and EMR's


• Mike Casey, NRP,  Chief Operating Officer
• Jim Morin, NRP, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

• Andrew Belcher, NRP
• Lucas Hall, NRP
• Laura Hart, NRP
• Michael Lozito, NRP
• Inge Luce, NRP
• Mark Luce, NRP
• Jonathan Mazurek, NRP
• Elizabeth Oakes, NRP
• Brian Porch, NRP
• Angelica Towsley, NRP
• Katie Vandale, NRP

• Craig Bowman, AEMT
• Alan Casey, AEMT
• Edward Muha, III, AEMT
• Becca Roys, AEMT
• Randy Summers, AEMT
• Jeffery Wheeler, AEMT

• Ayden Crispe, EMT
• Carrie Dopkins, EMT
• Mark McDonough, EMT
• Diana Myrvang, EMT
• August Stauffer, EMT

• Jennie Towsley, EMR                                                    

Northshire Rescue Squad...

... is not a municipal dept.

... serves the Northshire.

... is staffed by professionals.

... needs your support.