Ambulance Services

We are trained and equipped to handle all necessary ambulance services

Basic Life Support

We provide basic life support to injured or ill persons - including the administration of medications such as epi-pens, performing CPR with the use of an AED, monitoring vital signs and securing persons suspected with spinal injuries on a long-back board for transport to an appropriate facility.

Advanced Life Support

We are fully trained and equipped and to handle patients needing advanced life support, including:
        • Cardiac monitoring
       • IV drips
       • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) ventilators
       • Advanced airway management
       • Trauma care
       • Stroke care

Hospital Transports

When patients need care in transportation between hospitals or between hospital and nursing facilities, we are ready and available to provide comfortable and efficient transportation.

Local Non-Emergency Transportation

If non-emergency transportation is deemed necessary by your doctor, our staff is ready to assist you.

24 Hour Dispatch

Emergencies: dial 911
Squad office: (802) 362-1995

EMS Crew

1 crew on duty 24/7
2nd crew on duty 9am to 6pm


Manchester Public Safety Bldg.
64 Jeff Williams Way
Manchester, VT 05255

Service Area

East Dorset
Winhall (lower)
Mount Tabor

Service Calls

Average of almost 1,300 calls per year